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Act II: Prose

Who is Instagram, anyway? I realized I couldn't write anymore poems "for Instagram" until I had a better understanding of the answer to that question. I switched to writing in prose so that I had more freedom to imagine what it would be like if I met the personified version of my own Instagram account. Instead of getting caught up in rhythm and rhyming, I got lost in the story of taking "Instagram" on a journey with me to look at my relationship with social media evolve over the course of my life. Click the Polaroid photos below to read each "scene" or "single".

PFI Covers Updated.png

P.S. There's More...

Scene VII: The Playlist was originally published alongside a real playlist, and the text was shared in a live view-only Google doc, with comments that made it a story within a story. You can explore "Scene VII: The Playlist (Deluxe)" by clicking below.

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