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Act IV: Mirrors

The more I wrote and filmed, and the closer I got to the end of my social media hiatus, the more I wanted to sign out for the foreseeable future and leave my profile project on display as a piece of artwork. And the more I wrote and filmed, the more something else started bothering me. My full-length mirror had always been set up in my studio next to natural light, for outfit selfies. But at the turn of the new year, I decided to "switch rooms" with Instagram. I wanted the bigger room with the best natural light for myself. "Instagram" could have the smaller, windowless bedroom—now a darkroom for more video work.

My very first Instagram post was a picture of Polaroid photographs on my childhood bedroom door. And in the last week of February 2024, I ended it with Polaroids. My Instagram feed is embedded below—enjoy the show!


The Grid!

Last but not least, it's showtime for my Instagram stage.

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